The Google Indonesia domain ( was hacked into and left defaced for several hours today morning, The Hacker collective MaDLeeTs who claimed responsibility for the hack and also left there deface page on the website. was apparently hijacked using a hacking method known as DNS Poisoning.

MaDLeeTs are known for attacks like these targeting the search giant Google, only last year in October they had hijacked Google Malaysia using a similar same method.

How long the Website was left defaced?

While it is not clear for how long the website was left defaced, but reports suggest that the attack continued for hours, Team MaDLeeTs also changed the earlier deface page planted after 2 hours with a new one.

We have added a search box on our deface page on Google Indonesia to help Indonesian users to use Google Search while its stamped by TeaM MaDLeeTs, the hackers announced on their official Facebook page. 

[!]Struck by 1337, Security is just an Illusion message on the deface page read.

The website has been restored back to normal now, but it is still unclear if the domain registrant was breached by the hacker, and if the they still have control over it and we may see such kind of attacks in future.



Hacker Plays Doom on a Canon Printer

Over the past two decades, the seminal shooter Doom has appeared on PCs, consoles, iPhones, and e-readers.

Its latest stop? A Canon PIXMA printer.

Michael Jordon, the head of research at cybersecurity firm Context Information Security (not the star of Space Jam), managed to hack into the printer and replace its information screen with hellbeasts and Cacodemons. It didn’t come without effort and definitely isn’t for amateurs, but he did post step-by-step instructions for those with some shady tech know-how.

Jordon didn’t just do it for fun, however. It’s his job to expose vulnerabilities, though he doesn’t believe this particular issue has been exploited … yet.

“We are not aware of anyone actively using this type of attack for malicious purposes, but hopefully by raising awareness, we can encourage vendors to increase the security of this new generation of devices,” he said.

Canon, not surprisingly, was less than thrilled when Jordon notified it about the loophole, since it could allow less socially inclined hackers to install other types of programs on the printer. The company says it plans to issue a fix for the printer’s firmware soon to prevent others from using the printer as a game system, or worse. (To be safe, you might want to keep your PIXMA printer disconnected from the Internet until that patch comes out.)

For what it’s worth, just because a good game can be played on a system doesn’t mean it’s an entertaining experience. The color palette gets pretty screwed up as you play, and Jordon didn’t reveal what, exactly, he used to control the game (though we suspect it was a USB keyboard).



Clarkston City Georgia website Hacked

The notorious Iranian hackers from Ashiyane Digital Security Team have hacked and defaced the official website of United States government City of Clarkston, Georgia.

Hackers left a deface page along with a message on the hacked site. The message however doesn’t explains any reason for targeting the Clarkston City website.

According to the deface message:

We love Iran. Hacked by Ashiyane Digital Security! Shadow_Walker58 was here.

Link of targeted website along with its mirror as a proof is available below:

It is unclear if hackers only defaced the website or got their hands on any sensitive data, but this is not the first time when Ashiyane Digital Security has attacked U.S. government websites. In past the Oregon State’s City of Amity and Sutherlin City website was also hacked by same group.