The Moto 360 is one gorgeous smartwatch. OK, it’s not exactly a Movado or a Rolex. But as smartwatches go, this is the most beautiful offering around.

The reason the 360 looks so good is because Motorola went out of its way to make a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch. The company’s designers and engineers didn’t try to create a sci-fi-style wearable bracelet straight out of Star Wars. Instead, they went to work trying to make a piece of technology that people would actually want to wear.

Beyond looking good, the Moto 360 is also incredibly comfortable to wear. In fact, comfort is part of the reason Motorola chose to use a circular design for the 360. Early versions of the watch that used square screens tended to rest awkwardly on testers’ wrists.

An absolute of beauty


The centerpiece of the Moto 360 is its gorgeous 1.56-inch touchscreen display.

Each Moto 360 comes in black or silver and includes a sumptuous black, gray, or light-gray leather wristband. The black 360 comes with the black band, while the lighter 360 comes with either the gray or the stone-colored band.

If leather isn’t your thing, you can always wait for the Moto 360 with a steel band to hit the market on Nov. 11. Unfortunately, that version will cost you an extra $50 over the standard Moto 360’s $249 price tag.

The 360 runs on Google’s Android Wear operating system for wearables. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because a host of other smartwatches, including LG’s G Watch and G Watch R, Samsung’s Gear Live, and Sony’s SmartWatch 3 also use the operating system.

The software works only with Android phones running Android 4.3 and later, so if you don’t have that, you’re out of luck.  Notification


Voice controls
Speaking of voice controls, the 360’s are activated by saying “OK, Google,” followed by your command.

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