Hong Kong Protesters are Using Firechat   Protesters in Hong Kong are using WhatsApp, Twitter and any number of messaging and social media services to communicate and coordinate their activities as tensions with local Chinese authorities intensify. But one app in particular is getting more attention than usual: FireChat. The messaging app created by Open Garden can […]


A nasty bug in many of the world’s Linux and Unix operating systems could allow malicious hackers to create a computer worm that wreaks havoc on machines across the globe, security experts say. The flaw, called Shellshock, is being compared to last spring’s Heartbleed bug because it lets attackers do some nasty stuff — in […]


We believe that Robot can make our Quality Of Life better.One of our blog writer went to the Pepper Tech Festival held in Tokyo, Japan.Pepper is a companion robot developed by aldebaran robotics . The robot size is bigger than NAO from aldebaran robotics. It will be sold in next February. You can see the […]

google-got-permit-to test-self-driving-car

  California issued its first 29 permits this week to three companies to test self-driving cars on public roads, state officials said Thursday. Google got permits for testing 25 adapted Toyota Lexus SUVs, and two permits each went to Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen’s Audi, said Bernard Soriano of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, […]


Home improvement retailer Home Depot said 56 million card details were likely stolen in a data breach between April and September at its stores in the United States and Canada. Criminals used unique, custom-built malware to evade detection in the breach, the company said. Home Depot’s payment security systems had been breached and customers’ details […]


Chinese Hackers Hacked Into U.S. Defense Contractors 20 Times In Just One Year Chinese Hackers associated with the Chinese government have successfully infiltrated the computer systems of U.S. defense contractors working with the government agency responsible for the transportation of military troops and goods across the globe, a Senate investigators have found. The Senate Armed […]

microsoft universal keyboard

Microsoft unveils Universal Mobile Keyboard for Android, iOS, and Windows, coming in October 2014 for $79.95 Microsoft today announced four new accessories to its lineup, all set to arrive before the holiday season this year. The biggest addition is arguably the wired Xbox One controller for Windows, but the company also revealed a universal keyboard […]


  The first Android One-branded budget-priced “high quality” smartphones have been released in India. The handsets provide a minimum set of features determined by Google, which has sourced several of the components to help cut manufacturing costs. The company has also teamed up with a local network to make it cheaper to download Android updates […]


Eagle Eye Treasure Map The National Security Agency and its British counterpart, GCHQ, gained secret access to the German telecom companies’ internal networks, including Deutsche Telekom and Netcologne, in an effort to “map the entire Internet — any device, anywhere, all the time.” As reported by German news publication Der Spiegel, citing the new set of […]


Clarkston City Georgia website Hacked The notorious Iranian hackers from Ashiyane Digital Security Team have hacked and defaced the official website of United States government City of Clarkston, Georgia. Hackers left a deface page along with a message on the hacked site. The message however doesn’t explains any reason for targeting the Clarkston City website. According to […]