Tyupkin Malware Hacking ATM Machines

Microsoft Called its Windwows 10

Chinese Hackers Hacked Into U.S. Defense

BadUsb Malware

Google Indonesia Was Hacked

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Kick ass torrent download website seized

Kick ass torrent download website seized

So far, the torrent users didn’t forget the incident of The Pirate Bay seizer, that another most popular Torrent website, KickAss Torrents, has been kicked off by the Somalian registry....


Microsoft Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability “CVE-2014-4114″

Microsoft Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability “CVE-2014-4114″   Once again a Russian Cyber espionage group has gained media attention by exploiting a Zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows operating system to spy on...


Hacker Threatens to Leak thousands of Nude Images

  Hacker Threatens to Leak thousands of Nude Images The waves of celebrities of nude picture have not yet stopped completely, and a new privacy threat has emerged exposing tens...


Tyupkin Malware Hacking ATM Machines

Money is always a perfect motivation for cyber criminals who tries different tricks to solely target users with card skimmers that steal debit card numbers, but now the criminals are...


Google Indonesia was Hacked

The Google Indonesia domain (www.google.co.id) was hacked into and left defaced for several hours today morning, The Hacker collective MaDLeeTs who claimed responsibility for the hack and also left there...


Bad USB Malware

Bad USB Malware Once again USB has come up as a major threat to a vast number of users who use USB drives – including USB sticks and keyboards. Security...


Download Windows 10 Preview

  After offering a first look at its forthcoming operating system yesterday, Microsoft is giving users a chance to try out a version on their own machines. The Windows 10...


Windows 10

Today, Microsoft took the wraps off the next version of Windows. You’ll be able to install a free, unfinished “technical preview” version this week, or get it in final form...


Hong Kong Protesters are Using Firechat

Hong Kong Protesters are Using Firechat   Protesters in Hong Kong are using WhatsApp, Twitter and any number of messaging and social media services to communicate and coordinate their activities...


Shellshock Computer Worm

A nasty bug in many of the world’s Linux and Unix operating systems could allow malicious hackers to create a computer worm that wreaks havoc on machines across the globe,...


Pepper Tech Festival -Robot Event-

We believe that Robot can make our Quality Of Life better.One of our blog writer went to the Pepper Tech Festival held in Tokyo, Japan.Pepper is a companion robot developed...

google-got-permit-to test-self-driving-car

Google Got Permit to Test Self Driving Cars

  California issued its first 29 permits this week to three companies to test self-driving cars on public roads, state officials said Thursday. Google got permits for testing 25 adapted Toyota...